Bolines & Athames


Pronounced 'bowleen' is traditionally a white-handled, often crescent shaped blade used for cutting and harvesting herbs and other plant material for witchcraft purposes. carving candles is another common practice for using a Boline.

Using Birch from sustainable Baltic forests I designed the Crescent Boline as an alternative to the traditional scythe shape. The white wood of the birch is perfect for artwork and the shape has enough surface area to apply artwork honouring individual deities, animal spirit guides or any personal inscriptions and symbols for those who feel their craft is a personal practice. The crescent shape allows the strong and very sharp blade to be housed safely whilst celebrating the auspicious symbol of the crescent moon.



Due to changes in UK laws & restrictions on knives I no longer make and sell these items


An Athame is a ceremonial knife traditionally with a double-edged blade and black handle. However in eclectic forms of witchcraft the handle can be individualised or decorated with personal symobilism. The Athame's primary use is to channel and direct psychic energy.